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WSF Refresh 2024 - BOTH

  • Course Description

    Last May we held our first WSF Refresh programme and received very positive feedback from all who attended.
    So we are excited to let you know that we will be holding two more seminars this year on the 13th and 20th May.

    They will include worship, interactive study and fellowship over coffee break. As before you can attend one of them or both.

    If you wish to attend both events the total Fee is £50.00. Please continue on to the booking section on this form.

    Otherwise if you are just going to go to one or other look in the Catalyst course section and find the individual event tile for the date you want.


  • Lecturer

    Valerie Murphy

    Valerie Murphy, a gifted communicator, will lead our study on 'Listening to the Voice of God' each morning. Valerie served for some years as head of Precept Ministries and was also a WSF Tutor.


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