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Worlds of Adventure with C.S. Lewis

  • Course Description

    This new course will set us off on an adventure together exploring big issues of contemporary relevance with the great Northern Irish writer C.S. Lewis. Classes will be relaxed, with opportunity for discussion. We will draw on selected readings of Lewis’s work, including extracts from his fiction and his philosophical and theological writing.

    Our journey will begin in Belfast where Lewis spent his childhood, but we will follow the development of his thinking as an academic, popular writer, and public intellectual, during his years in Oxford, with his conversion to Christianity, and later in Cambridge. There will be an opportunity in this course to develop a personal creative response to Lewis’s writing and to the issues of life and faith that he wrote about; big issues that are still very relevant today. The course will conclude with an informal gathering, in the spirit of ‘The Inklings’, Lewis’s group of friends who met together regularly in Oxford to share ideas and sharpen each other’s thinking.

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