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Wisdom Labs

Wisdom Labs are where we investigate something or give space to allow wise thinking and practice to grow.

This is about giving ourselves permission to stop, taking time to think and allowing space for wise responses to begin to develop.

SUMMER 2020: WISDOM LAB - giving wisdom time to grow

We explore four themes

  1. Lament
  2. Wisdom
  3. Unprecedented 
  4. Money

To help you begin to explore each, there is a short video for you to watch and engage with. Afterwards, you can use the resource sheets to help you engage further, as they contain questions to reflect on alone or with others, as well as recommended reading for further investigation. Our aim is to help you create space over the summer to consider how you think and therefore how you live.

We are offering the Wisdom Labs free of charge. We hope you will find them stimulating and they will also give you a taster of the ethos and quality of our Transformation Project as a whole.

You can participate and reflect individually (press the register now button) or if you would like to organise and host a discussion group for these Wisdom Labs find out more here.