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Dr William Ford

Dr William Ford

Ph.D., BA (Durham), MSt (Oxford), PGCHET (QUB), FHEA

Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew

William is originally from England. He studied theology and Old Testament in Durham and Oxford. In between his theological studies he worked as a chartered accountant in London for four years. Prior to joining BBC in 2009 he taught at All Nations Christian College in England. At BBC, William has responsibility as Programme Leader for the UoC undergraduate programme. William is currently interested in taking on research students.


Scripture in Context I: Old Testament 
Skills for Studying Theology 
Contemporary Use of Scripture 
Interpreting Psalms and Wisdom 
Old Testament Theology 
New Testament Foundations 
Interpreting Theologically Problematic Old Testament Texts 


Bible and the Modern World
Old Testament Texts
Reading the Bible in the 21st Century
Contemporary Issues: Faith & Culture

Transformation Project and College Courses

Evening Class: God Behaving Badly in the Old Testament?
Evening Class: What do we do with the Law?
Evening Class: Reading Joshua as 21st Century Christians
Evening Class: Isaiah
Evening Class: Jeremiah: the message and the man
Evening Class: Deeper Into Scripture
Transformation Project: Journey through the Bible
Women's Study Fellowship: Isaiah & Major Prophets

My main research interests lie in the area of interpreting theologically difficult Old Testament texts, particularly those relating to the character of God, and understanding how we read these texts as part of scripture. For my PhD I studied the Exodus plagues narratives and the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart. My current research centres on the conquest of Canaan in Joshua and Deuteronomy and the difficult issues that this raises. 


W.A. Ford, God, Pharaoh and Moses: Explaining the LORDs Actions in the Exodus Plagues Narrative (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2007)

Articles/Chapters : 

(forthcoming)           '"You shall not marry a Canaanite!" Endogamy, (Canaanite) Exogamy and Theology in Genesis 12-50.' Horizons in Biblical Theology. 

(forthcoming)           '"Dispossessing" the Canaanites in Deuteronomy' in In the Cross Hairs

(forthcoming)           'Trialogical Discussion (with Copan & Firth) on the Conquest' in Hermeneutics of Violence

2015                        'What about the Gibeonites?’ Tyndale Bulletin 66.2

2017                        'The Challenge of the Canaanites’ Tyndale Bulletin 68.2

Academic papers (selected):

2020                         '"Dispossessing" the Canaanites in Deuteronomy', QUB Biblical Seminar and Centre for the Study of the Bible & Violence e-conference

2018                        '"You Shall not Marry a Cannanite!" Exogamy, Endogamy and Theology in Genesis 12-50', Society for Old Testament Study, Nottingham

2017                         ‘The Challenge of the Canaanites’ Tyndale Biblical Theology Lecture 2017, Cambridge

2016                        ‘“You Shall not Marry a Canaanite!” Exogamy, Endogamy and Theology in Genesis 12-50’ QUB Biblical Seminar and Tyndale Quadrennial Conference

2014                         ‘What about the Gibeonites?’ Biblical Studies Research Seminar, Trinity College, Dublin, and Tyndale Old Testament Group, Cambridge

2013                         ‘Theological Interpretation and the Conquest’ Tyndale Fellowship Triennial, Northampton

Popular talks (selected):

2018                         'Post Bible?' 75th Anniversary Lecture Series, Belfast Bible College

2015                         ‘Did God love the Canaanites?’ New Horizon, Coleraine

2014                         ‘Is the only good Canaanite a dead Canaanite?’ Belfast Bible College

William did a gap year before university, working with the London City Mission. Since then he has regularly spoken in churches and other Christian events in the UK. He currently worships at Lowe Memorial in Finaghy with his wife Nicole and their children.