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Why Study Theology

Studying Theology will equip you with greater knowledge and a willingness to ask good questions as you learn to take the time to soak yourself in the Bible, to consider the voice of history, to wrestle with context and push yourself to wise practice.

Throughout the undergraduate programme you will be introduced to a variety of disciplines and teachers. Here are are a few words from three of our lecturers as a response to the question 'Why Theology?'

"Ultimately theology is intensely practical. It leads to worship because done appropriately, it generates an increased understanding of the greatness of God, an increased appreciation of His character and, so, an increased desire to be in relationship with Him."

Before her retirement Dr Karen Fulton (then Director of Education) said this "I have been fortunate to have experience of life and work in a variety of contexts. Each of these has thrown up different challenges, questions and issues that had to be addressed. It seems to me that dealing with these issues as a Christian is in fact to do theology. So the question is not whether or not we do theology, but whether or not we do it well.

Dr. Peter McDowell

Theology gives us a tried and trusted language to discuss, understand and share about unseen realities, ultimate things, and the foundation of existence. What we see, taste, hear and feel are real, but in many cases, these are not the most important realities. Unseen realities such as God, truth, revelation, mercy, justice, eternity and the Kingdom of God - all expressed in time and space, here and there - are, I believe, eternal matters, the substance of significance both in and beyond the daily experience.