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  • "I discovered lament late in my relationship with God and I am particularly thankful you are introducing it as part of these wisdom labs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was very refreshing to hear again that it is ok to lament. He can take it all. God becomes our constant source of refuge whatever the circumstances are. By lamenting we pour out our heart and direct what is in it in the right and safe direction. "


  • "My name is Gerald from Kenya. Thank you very much for these helpful resources. I was a student at the college 10 years ago. Since lockdown it's been hard to do ministry, but my wife and I are really enjoying listening to your wonderful videos."


  • "I was really amazed by these wisdom labs. I haven't watched something with this much depth of wisdom and knowledge before, thank you Bible College!"


  • "I found this wisdom lab on Lament to be very affirming and reassuring : I love how the Psalms are so full of raw emotion and even questioning of God and this capture the range of human emotions. William’s analysis and in particular, his reminder that that raw emotion in itself underlines hope in God and His care for us, was particularly insightful and encouraging. Thank you"


  • "Thank you very much for making these Wisdom Labs available. As a missionary recently returned to France after ten years in West Africa with bad internet, it is such a joy to find these kind of resources available!"


  • "We're really excited to be launching the Transformation Project and the different ways that people will be able to discover more about God and develop their relationship with Him. The Wisdom labs coming up in a few weeks look like the type of course that will provoke me to think a bit deeper about some of the issues I've not really considered in-depth before, hopefully, they not only help me think a bit differently but also begin to transform how I act and interact with my world. "

    Jonny Beggs

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