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Developing Practice III: Vocation and Connection

Aims of the Module 

Building on BBCT4303 and BBCT5302 (Developing Practice I and II) this module aims to facilitate the students’ ability to engage in critical understanding and evaluation of their transferable skills and personal development. With the focus on extended practical placement, the course will consider and evaluate skills relating to employability, Christian understandings of vocation and spiritual formation and reflect on the relationship between theory and practice. Providing the opportunity to take responsibility for personal wellbeing and spiritual development. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Reflect analytically on learning from block placement 

2. Exhibit proficiency in integrating theory within practice 

3. Draw critically upon a range of resources to construct a coherent and detailed account of vocation 

4. Demonstrate the ability to draw on a range of resources with regard to career planning and life after college 

5. Insightfully apply an understanding of spiritual formation with regard to self-care, spiritual maturity and emotional well-being 


Indicative Module Content 

· Extended block placement. 

· Evaluation of block placement, observation and selection of issues in mission practice. 

· Development of models and methods of reflective practice. 

· Planning for continued wellbeing, personal and spiritual development. 

· Christian understanding of vocation 

· Principals of spiritual formation. 

· Reflecting on employability skills, career and thinking about plans beyond college. 

· Continuing to promote/advocate safeguarding. 



Portfolio 3000 words 70% 

Portfolio 2000 words 30%