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Engaging the World III: Trends and Movements

Aims of the Module 

This module provides a detailed examination of various trends and movements, both globally and in western culture. It provides models and methods for formulating biblically based Christian responses to the contemporary context. 


Intended Learning Outcomes  

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of changes in global and western cultures  

2. Critically evaluate and analyse selected trends and movements in global and western society 

3. Reflect critically and analytically on various Christian responses to a contemporary trend or movement 

4. Develop a robust theological response to an issue or trend 

5. Communicate effectively the results of research on an issue or trend 


Indicative Module Content  

· survey of trends and movements in global and western cultures 

· analysis of selected issues and trends, which may include populism, nationalism, globalisation, naturalism, secular humanism, postmodernism, expressive individualism, neoliberalism, Postcolonialism, etc. 

· development and application of theological methods to engage with these trends and movements, based on appropriate biblical exegesis and hermeneutics 

· evaluation of Christian responses to the movements and trends analysed above 



Written assignment 2000 words 40% 

Portfolio 3000 words 60%