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The Transformation Project

We are all works in progress in terms of our faith, and whether we are new to faith or have been leading and serving for years, we know there is still so much to learn about God. We do not want to settle for quick plaudits or ill-considered responses. We want our lives to carry a depth.

The Transformation Project aims to shift how we think about God and the world around us and therefore subsequently, changing how we live. It does not aim to make us a finished product but rather acknowledge that as 21st Century Disciples we need to undertake a continual renewing of our minds to help transform us more into Christlikeness. It is about learning that provokes a transformation of our hearts, minds and actions; encouraging us to live-out our faith in more informed and effective ways.

So, can we invite you to walk with us and allow us to walk with you, as we let God transform us, as He is in the nature of doing; whatever the year, whatever the context, He is a change bringer.



What you are learning

  • "We're really excited to be launching the Transformation Project and the different ways that people will be able to discover more about God and develop their relationship with Him."
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Wisdom Labs

Where we investigate something or give space to allow wise thinking and practice to grow.

This is about giving ourselves permission to stop, taking time to think and allowing space for wise responses to begin to develop.

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Transformation Courses

A series of short courses that run throughout the year.

As Christians, we know that we are encouraged to be 'transformed by the renewing of our mind,' (Romans 12:2) yet, as Christians we also know that this can be hard. How do we think in a way that demonstrates to ourselves, and the world around us, that we are 'transformed individuals?' This exciting new set of courses seek to equip and encourage us to develop our thinking, practice and living in such ways that this kind of transformation is both achievable and recognisable.

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Leadership Hub

These hubs will give opportunity for leaders to come together and wrestle with issues and ideas that impact both how and why we lead.

These gatherings will be about shared learning where we can create connections for learning and growing wisdom. As part of these hubs we want to provide you with access to the library resources at the College to help you continue to learn and grow.

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Women's Study Fellowship

WSF brings together Christian women from a range of church backgrounds and with varied life experiences to share and study together in Belfast Bible College's unique setting. A typical Monday morning in WSF includes worship and prayer, biblically-based teaching by our team of experienced tutors and informal fellowship over tea or coffee.

Mondays from 9:45am to 1pm starting in early September and running until May each year.

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Pastoral Care Course

The course is designed for people who are involved or interested in becoming involved in offering pastoral care to people of any age facing a wide spectrum of challenges. If you're a Christian with a passion to care for others, especially those who are finding life difficult, this course is for you. It might not only increase your knowledge and skills but also change your heart. You will be brought on a journey from the biblical, historical and theological roots of pastoral care to principles for care that reflect the heart of God for others in contemporary contexts.

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