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Transformation Courses

As Christians, we know that we are encouraged to be 'transformed by the renewing of our mind,' (Romans 12:2) yet, as Christians we also know that this can be hard. How do we think in a way that demonstrates to ourselves, and the world around us, that we are 'transformed individuals?' This exciting new set of courses seek to equip and encourage us to develop our thinking, practice and living in such ways that this kind of transformation is both achievable and recognisable.

These courses are separated into three streams.

  • The first, Transformed Thinking has a focus on more conceptual ideas. While there will be practical applications made, it seeks to provoke towards deeper thought and content.
  • The second, Transformed Practice focuses more upon topics that are relevant to the Church as a collective. Courses that can people can take to increase their understanding and capacity as they serve in practical ways.
  • The third, Transformed Living, is aimed towards the personal growth of individuals in their relationship with God. It serves to equip the church in developing their faith in ways which can be lived out in the 'real world.'

Each of these streams flow into one another, delivering content which is refreshing, inspiring, and can serve to equip, challenge and educate in practical ways in this dark time.