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Training the Christian Mind


In his provocative little book entitled The Christian Mind, Harry Blamires wrote, half a century ago, "The Christian mind sees human life and human history held in the hands of God. It sees the whole universe sustained by his power and his love. It sees the natural order as dependent upon the supernatural order, time as contained within eternity. It sees this life as an inconclusive experience, preparing us for another; this world as a temporary place of refuge, not our true and final home."

Whether or not you agree with the precise details of Blamires's assertion, it is clear that the way we think and what we think as Christians must be distinct from the patterns of the world. For decades, however, Western Christians have witnessed a decrease in the opportunities to engage in this kind of Christian thinking or even to begin to learn it. A secular worldview stands ready to woo us away from being transformed into the likeness of Christ. And we often neglect, to our peril, the role of the mind in that transformation.

You might expect such an 'apologetic' from a Bible College and, indeed, forming Christian minds is at the heart of our mission. Much of this training takes place through our Access Learning courses as well as our undergraduate degree programmes. For some students each year, though, their experience of these learning opportunities prove so enriching, enlivening and rewarding that they want to "go further up and further in."

This is where our postgraduate study programmes fulfil their purpose of enabling passionate individuals to press the boundaries of their faith and thinking one step further. But it is not just learning to think that we do in our Graduate Diploma, Master's or PhD courses; it is also learning to apply what we learn to real-life situations. When we esteem people, places, events and things within the light of eternity, then we are better placed to weigh up what really matters-and to act accordingly.

What kind of people do postgraduate study in theology? Anyone who wants to better understand themselves, God, faith, society and the big questions of life. If you already have a first undergraduate degree in a subject other than theology, you might consider our one-year Graduate Diploma programme. Or, if you already possess a primary degree in theology, then the 12-month intensive MTh might be just what you need to push yourself and your understanding of particular research area in which you are involved. If you feel your future lies in the area of teaching or researching at university level, then a PhD will equip you to do that to the best of your ability.

University study is not for everyone, but if the idea of pursuing theology at postgraduate level piques your interest, please contact the College and I’d be delighted to help you find the right fit.