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Thinking Theologically

Aims of the Module 

The purpose of this module is to lay the foundation for the development of a range of theological thinking skills across the programme. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Evidence understanding of key sources for theological thinking 

2. Formulate responses to defined theological issues, situations and questions 

3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of theological methodology and its importance for practice and belief 

4. Acquire skills, habits and patterns of theological thinking that will be applied in subsequent years of study 

5. Communicate the outcomes of your study accurately and in a structured and clear manner 


Indicative Module Content  

This course will introduce the nature of and relationships between the sources that frame theological action and reflection and illustrate how these sources are used in Christian history and today. Links among the theological disciplines will be made through the application of a methodology, such as of the pastoral cycle, to specific issues. 



Written assignment 2000 words 50% 

Oral assessment/presentation 2000 words equivalent 50%