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The Prayer Ministry Course: How to hear God for others

  • Course Description

    The Prayer Ministry Course sets out to provide a model and a method for praying with other people - particularly but not exclusively in a church setting. The skills and understanding gained on the course are universal and useful even if you are not or do not desire to be part of a Prayer Ministry team. But thy are essential for those hoping to be part of a team. 


    The basic skills are: 

    • Learning that Prayer Ministry and Intercessory prayer are two completely different things 
    • Learning how to ‘hear’ God and how to handle what you hear 
    • Understanding the complexity of people - and the way Prayer Ministry can help unravel difficulties 
    • Learning by doing in a safe environment 


    Week by week Guide 

    Week 1. Introduction to Prayer - Different ways of praying - a Model forPrayer Ministry 

    Week 2. Looking at Jesus’ prayer life and the way in which he heard the Father 

    Week 3. How the gifts of the Spirit assist in Prayer Ministry 

    Week 4. Prophecy and tongues - their place in Prayer Ministry 

    Week 5. Inner Healing - How God can release us through prayer 

    Week 6. Bringing it all together in a model for Prayer Ministry in a local church 


  • Lecturer

    Rev Derek McKelvey

    Derek McKelvey is a Presbyterian minister, ordained in 1971 he was for 21 years minister of Ballygilbert Presbyterian Church near bangor and for 20 years of Fisherwick Presbyterian Chiurch in the University area. 

    He also taught New Testament Greek for 29 years in Union and Edgehill Colleges for  Queens 

    He has taught on  Prayer Ministry for over thirty years through the Kairos Trust which exists to promote understanding of the role of the Holy Spirit in the life and Ministry of the Christian and the Church 

    Married to Helen for fifty years they have 3 children and eight grandchildren. His hobby is gardening at home and on the allotment - and his particular passion is growing dahlias. 

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