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The Bible in Widescreen

  • Course Description

    Sometimes we need to step back and view the whole picture in widescreen. This course will do just that. Looking at the full picture of the Bible will help our confidence grow and help us to understand where some portions of scripture fit into the bigger narrative. In 6 weeks this class will show Jesus through all of the Bible, how the OT and NT fit together, and follow major biblical themes as they develop.

  • Full Course Description
    Course Outline
    Week 1 - Introduction - The Bible, God’s Word to Us // In Search of a Big Story
    Week 2 - Creation // Universal Decay
    Week 3 - Israel
    Week 4 - Christ // The Church
    Week 5 - Universal Restoration // New Creation
    Week 6 - Conclusion - Putting the Pieces Together // Sharp Focus and Widescreen

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