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Synthesis of the Gospels (NT)

  • Course Description

    Why do we have four accounts of the life of Christ? What is the purpose of each? Why are some stories the same yet others different? How do each of the writers structure their accounts to achieve their purpose? Join us as we overview the gospels, see how they complement each other and also seek to deal with their differences

  • Lecturer

    Pamela Murphy

    Pamela was born and raised in Northern Ireland. She trained as a teacher at Stranmillis College before moving to Chicago for 5 yrs. During this time she completed a Masters in Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois. She has been teaching part time at BBC since 2009 and has a passion for studying the bible and exploring God’s plan through His Word.

  • Full Course Description

    The Gospels give us four different portraits of Jesus, written by different authors, to different audiences, at different times, but each witnessing to the transforming power of the Lord Jesus.

    In this course we will look at the gospels, learn about the different authors, and investigate the purpose each had in writing their gospel. We will overview the 4 books and analyze how each is structured to paint their unique portrait of Jesus.

    As we explore the gospels we will look at some of the similarities and differences that are found there and see how they complement each other to give us a fuller picture of the life, works and words of our Lord Jesus. 

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