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Church Leaders' Survey 2022



Northern Ireland has over 1,000 churches from many different denominations. Each of these churches faces different issues according to their specific contexts.   

Belfast Bible College is committed to providing theological education for 21st-century disciples from across all denominations. We want to encourage followers of Jesus to live out their faith with wisdom, a deep knowledge of the Bible, and a personal relationship with Him. 

To ensure that our training continues to be relevant, we need to understand what issues you and your congregation are facing.

What are your priorities for your church at the moment? What challenges have you come across in recent times? Can we complement your Bible teaching with training and resources? 

To take the survey, click here

We would like at least one person per church to take the survey but it can be by anyone who would be considered to be a leader in the church and who understands the context in which you are operating. This would include Pastor, Minister, Assistant and Associate Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Youth Pastor, Family Worker, Pastoral Worker. 

This information will help us to see how we can support you in your context. We hope, too, that this survey will help you begin to reflect on your own ministry and on your priorities, needs and prayers for your congregation.  We intend to share the findings of the survey with participants at a later date, after the results have been interpreted by our practical theologians.

We asked our practical theology lecturers for their thoughts on the importance of this survey. 

Dr Peter McDowell: ‘As a missiologist/practical theologian, my primary concern is to be researching the questions that churches and believers are actually asking, and the issues they are actually facing – not what I think they are facing! Surveys like this are essential to ensure that BBC is able to provide training and resources that are timely and relevant.’ 

Dr Joy Allan: ‘As a Practical Theologian I have learned that what is actually going on is quite different from what we think might be going on in churches. A survey like this helps us to understand that, and to grow healthy, realistic responses to that. It is vital to doing theology which serves to actively encourage and support the church, helping her to grow more like the community we long for her to be.’