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Seeds. Season 2


Seeds. has returned for a second season, focusing on personal encounters with Jesus. Seeds. is a weekly series of stories about the interesting and diverse people who study, work for & visit the College. These stories of encounters with Jesus are created with the hope of sharing the work of God through personal testimonies of real people. 





Underneath it all, whether we are Christian or not, we have all been there - when we have felt unloved, unlovable, unworthy... 



'When you pursue your greatest joy in Jesus, you find that it is the greatest joy imaginable.'



Jess shares with us how it's in the everyday, small things that we get to encounter Jesus. 



"If God heals me, He is the God of healing. If He does not heal me, He is still the God of healing."



We experience seasons throughout our spiritual journey, but God remains consistent through it all. In this episode of seeds, Beth shares with us her encounter with Jesus.