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Seeds. is a weekly series of stories about the interesting and diverse people who study, work & visit the College. These stories of growth are created with the hope of sharing the work of God through personal testimonies of real people. 



"I'm preparing and I'm studying and I'm doing things to hopefully help people I haven't even met yet."

Excitement about future possibilities can distract us from what God is doing now. Jordan, a second-year student, shares how his perspective has been changed.


"If there is any truth in that story, this person Jesus is really someone who is quite extraordinary." Charlie, one of our Old Testament lecturers, shares what happens when intellect and the gospel collide.


Lisa, a first year student, shares her often difficult journey from the hands of abuse into the loving arms of her Heavenly Father.

If a part of Lisa's story resonates with you and you would like to speak with someone, our pastoral care coordinator, Pauline would be happy to speak with you and advise you about the support options available.


"They left everything for God and were ready to serve Him no matter what."

Is Jesus worth leaving our comfort zones? For Alba, a third year student, the answer is unequivocally yes.


"Stop going after My Will and start going after Me."

Unexpected events led Stuart into an intimacy with God that went beyond words or expression.


"It's God or nothing."
Every leader comes to the end of their rope at some point. Dr. Alan Wilson, an associate tutor at Belfast Bible College shares what happened when he experienced that for himself. 


"I lived a double life. I was opening His word in class, yet I would leave class and do the complete opposite."

Each of us has a life that goes on behind the scenes of our everyday actions. God broke into that part of Lucy's life.


"There are many times I ask God, 'How is this going to work? How is this going to happen?'"

George shares how his journey from Nigeria to Northern Ireland is a testament to God's enduring faithfulness in his life.



"I am the most unacademic academic person you will ever meet."

This is the story of a Nashville musician who was catapulted into an unexpected journey. Ryan, a PhD student, shares about living a terrifying obedience in the long direction.


"Throughout my life, this guy's brought me a lot of pain so, why should I pay attention to him trying to tell me that I should follow Jesus?"

It's a story that never gets old. One of our first year students, Fal shares the testimony of his family restored through the reckless love of God in spite of great suffering.


Megan lives a life of passion. Whatever she does, she does with passion. She is particularly passionate about the performing arts and Jesus and finding ways to bring these two passions together. 


With a heart for preaching the Gospel of Jesus as far and wide as he can, Adam shares a personal story about how he saw God at work, changing lives around him, during a trip to Macedonia.


"I've got you. I've got you. I've got you. I've got you," says the Lord in every situation. Katrina shares her story of how, through difficult transitions, she is learning to trust in her Heavenly Father again and again as children trust their earthly fathers.


"In a way it was like a test, how was I going to represent God when I'm in this kind of pit of despair?" In this Seeds. video, Scott, a graduate from the Bible College, shares a glimpse of the unexpected turns God has taken him on since graduation. As you'll see, things don't always go as planned, but maybe there is reason in that.


"If I have to go through tough times for a season just so I can help someone else and point them to God then it's worth it".
In this Seeds story: Sarah shares about "when everything was going south and it was a real dark time" in her life and how God challenged her through it in her persuit of a deeper faith.



Dani is studying the one year Graduate Diploma, she's been learning what its like to step out from the familiar into new territory.



Stuart has been exploring call and is excited to be at Bible College to study Theology and discover more of what God has in store.



Esther is new and excited and open to the possibilities which God has in store for her life.