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Rich Roots, Robust Tree; Celtic Christianity, yesterday and today

  • Course Description

    The British Isles in many ways has been a powerhouse for the gospel since the late Roman era. Some of the most well-known Christian movements in the Western Church have come from or come to these islands and left an indelible mark.  This course will focus on one such expression, Celtic Christianity. Starting with its origins in the 5th and 6th centuries we will debunk myth, critique its achievements, explore key figures both famous and obscure, and investigate its enduring expression in contemporary Celtic spirituality.  It will engage history, theology, geography and personal devotion, as well as stimulate your own exploration of the lands in which we live.    

    Weekly titles  

     Week 1: The mystery and the myth of the Celtic church: what are we talking about?  

    Week 2: The late Roman and early medieval worlds: the Celtic cradle  

    Week 3: Familiar places, familiar faces: enduring sites and saints of the British Isles 

    Week 4: Monasticism and mission: ecclesiastical impact outside Celtic lands 

    Week 5: Cultural influence beyond religion: did the Irish really save civilization?   

    Week 6: Ancient foundations, contemporary faith? Can we speak of ‘Celtic Christianity’ in the third millennium?  

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