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Reading Revelation

  • Course Description

    Dragons, seals, winged creatures, beasts … Revelation can be a hard book of the Bible to understand and there have been many different interpretations of the book over the last 2000 years. This course will aim to give an overview of the whole book, reflect on the situation of the original hearers, explore how we can understand the style of writing (apocalyptic) used in the book of Revelation and consider what we can learn from this book for our situation today. Those on the course will be asked to read a section of Revelation each week and reflect on some questions. These will form part of the discussion and following lecture.

    This course will be taught online, you will join in a live video call with the lecturer and the other course participants. You will be able to ask questions, interact with the other learners in discussion groups and have access to all the lecture notes digitally. 

    We are slashing the fee to £45  for this course as part of our introductory offer. (Courses are normally £60 and over)

  • Lecturer

    Dr Karen Fulton

    Karen is the Director of Education at Belfast Bible College. She is the Lecturer in New Testament and Hellenistic Greek. Prior to joining BBC in 2000 she taught Biblical Studies at Berea Theological College in Kenya and served as Academic Dean and Vice-Principal of the College. While at BBC, Karen completed a PhD on aspects of the Pauline Letters through Aberdeen University.

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