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Questions About Love: Exploring the surprising, paradoxical and challenging calling of Christian love

  • Course Description

    Few Christians would disagree that love is important. But love is frequently marginalised and misunderstood in much of Christian teaching and preaching. Why is this? And what can be done about it? This course is about putting love back where it belongs – at the heart of Christian theology and the Christian life.

    Questions explored include:

    What is Love?

    How is the love of God revealed within the story of the Bible?

    If God is love, what about his wrath?

    How do we become more loving?

    What does the Bible say about love, sex, the body, marriage and singleness?

    How is love God’s ‘weapon’ in a spiritual war?

  • Lecturer

    Dr Patrick Mitchel

    We are delighted that this course represents a partnership between Belfast Bible College and Irish Bible Institute in Dublin. As well as being one of BBC Transformation courses, it will also be an IBI short course. Patrick is a former Principal of BBC and is Senior Lecturer in Theology in IBI. He is author of The Message of Love within the IVP Bible Speaks Today Themes series (2019).

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