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Pursuing Great Youth Ministry TOGETHER

  • Course Description

    Life as a youth leader is a unique and exciting invitation into the heart of Christ’s commission. They are used by God to bring hope, truth and guidance that transforms individuals who will become parents, teachers, coaches, employers, and church workers.

    Spend 6 weeks sharing stories, ideas and examples with experienced youth leaders as we journey toward great youth ministry TOGETHER

  • Lecturer

    TOGETHER Youth Ministry Leaders

    This course will be delivered by youth leaders connected to the TOGETHER network.

    In 2010 a group of youth ministry leaders from various agencies and denominations in Ireland started to explore how they might inspire and develop relationships, collaboration and training for the wider youth ministry community.

    We now run 6 monthly learning communities; one for experienced youth leaders and another for interns. In 2015 we published a book and in September 2016 hosted over 400 youth leaders at the TOGETHER Gathering. 

    Course Delivered by:
    Andrew Branighan (COI), Chris Thopson YFC, Johnny Bell (PCI), Jose Cummings Exodus and Leanne Anderson (IMYC).

  • Full Course Description

    This is a practical training course, through which we want to help you unlock the God-given potential you have as a youth leader and propel you, enthused and equipped, to the young people you serve.


    Though a mixture of teaching, discussion workshops and response we hope you will

    Develop a greater understanding of young people, the world they live in and the needs they have.

    Grow in passion for the relevance of God’s Word for young lives.

    Consider the choices youth leaders make and how best you can use your precious time and resources.

    Be inspired to try new approaches to reaching and discipling.

    And most of all we hope you leave encouraged, challenged, refreshed and ready for God’s continuing mission amongst young people.

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