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Preaching and Worship

Aims of the Module 

To explore and evaluate theological thinking on preaching and worship and to critically assess the traditions and practices within Christian communities. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Critically evaluate insights from different theologies of preaching and critically assess their impact on practice 

2. Demonstrate critical understanding and ability to analyse different approaches to sermon structure and delivery in terms of relevance and effectiveness for varied cultures and individuals 

3. Critically analyse the nature and complexities of Christian worship and its expression in different traditions 

4. Demonstrate critical understanding and ability to analyse current trends and practices in Christian worship 

5. Integrate perspectives on preaching and worship with related theological, ecclesiological and ministerial issues 


Indicative Module Content 

The practices of preaching and worship can be formative of the theology of Christian communities. This module explores the nature, purpose and practice of preaching and worship in the Christian community. Attention is given to biblical foundations, the theologies of various Christian traditions, the impact of culture, and connections between preaching and worship with other forms of ministry (e.g. discipleship, leadership, pastoral care). 



Portfolio 2500 words 50%  

Written assignment 2500 words 50%