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Prayer Ministry

  • Course Description

    Prayer Ministry is not Intercession - it is not praying with the person what you would have prayed at home! Rather it is seeking to pray and speak as Jesus would have done if he were present - which of course He is by his Spirit. This course will outline the principles and practice of Prayer Ministry and give insight to how God acts today.

  • Lecturer

    Derek McKelvey

    Derek McKelvey was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister in 1971. He served for 21 years as Minister of Ballygilbert Church just off the main Bangor Road. Derek then spent almost twenty years as Minister of Fisherwick church in the University area of Belfast, before retiring in 2013. He taught New Testament Greek in Queen’s for 28 years through Union and Edgehill colleges. Through the Kairos Trust, he has taught courses in Prayer Ministry and allied subjects for over 20 years. Married to Helen who is a Counsellor, they jointly seek to help and encourage those in Ministry. They have three married children and eight grandchildren in Bristol, Holywood and Belfast.

  • Full Course Description

    This is a practical course on how God leads us in this ministry.  It will run online on Zoom over six Tuesdays from 16th February 2021.

    Each session includes teaching and workshop sessions.  It is open to all who wish to learn more about this ministry.

    Week 1
    How did Jesus do it? Practical Session – Valuing the person

    Week 2
    What is the role of the Spirit? Practical Session – Waiting on God

    Week 3
    Using the gifts. Practical Session – Listening to God

    Week 4
    Healing life’s hurts – understanding emotional damage. Practical Session – Listening to the bass line; the difference between healing and pastoral prayer ministry

    Week 5
    Spiritual Warfare – engaging the enemy. Practical Session – Do’s and Don’ts of deliverance

    Week 6
    The Ministry of Jesus – Keeping the focus right; Values and Guidelines. Practical Session – Putting it all together

    This course is a prerequisite for inclusion in a prayer ministry team in some churches, but completion of the course does not necessarily lead to inclusion on a team. Prayer Ministry teams are recruited by local leaders according to the gifting of those available and the needs of their parish / fellowship / congregation.  This course may help you discover that your gifting lies elsewhere (e.g., in intercession, prophecy or administration). We aim to assist each participant to discover God’s role for them in the body and to find fulfilment by serving in it.

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