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Practical Training

Practical Placements provide exciting opportunities to apply theory in service.

"During my Belfast Bible College placement with Dunmurry Presbyterian Church, I learned that effective service requires humility, adaptability, dedication, commitment, and  a willingness to learn and translate knowledge into practice. The placement created an opportunity for theological growth and a deepening of my relationship with God and with others." - Student: Alfred. 

So what is a Practical Ministry Placement?

All students participate in both weekly and block placements as part of the undergraduate course. You can choose from a wide variety of weekly placement opportunities, with amazing organisations. Choose to work with children, young people or elderly; choose to work with churches, charities, or local organisations. Four semesters working in a specific situation, allows the development of meaningful relationships and gives valuable experience and significant opportunity to learn and develop skills and strengths for ministry.
 The learning from student experiences on placement, are developed through class discussion and assignments in ‘Reflective Practice for Ministry’ modules

Can I take my Placement overseas?

For the summer at the end of second year, students select and plan a block placement - at least 4 weeks full time - either overseas or in the UK. These opportunities are as varied as students’ hopes, dreams and organisational skills and the College framework will allow! Students spend this more concentrated period of time working in ministry situations alongside full-time workers. They experience the challenges and possibilities of their chosen areas of work, helping them discern their suitability for a future commitment, by detailed reflection on an aspect of their choice.