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P.A.L.M. Pastors & Leaders/Ministers

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    Leading a local church is jam-packed with challenges because the stakes are so high. Leading a local church is also to operate on the spiritual front line. The Church is God’s Plan A for the world; a Plan B does not exist. In fact, Paul refers to the Church as Jesus’ active body through which He brings about His kingdom in greater measure in the world.  Little wonder pastors and leaders/ministers find it tough going.

    PALM is a new initiative (as in, ‘He carries you in the palm of His hand’, e.g., Psalm 139.10; John 10.28), led by those who know what it is like to lead churches. PALM is a monthly gathering offering support and encouragement, ministry and prayer, and continuous training and development for ministers, pastors and leaders actively leading local churches. 

    Each meeting includes lunch.

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