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Pastoral Care

Aims of the Module 

This module explores the practice of biblically and theologically based pastoral care in contemporary Christian ministry contexts. Several approaches and models of pastoral care will be introduced and applied to specific groups of people and types of need. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Critically understand the importance of pastoral care in contemporary Christian ministry 

2. Evaluate contemporary approaches to and models of pastoral care 

3. Apply theoretical understandings of pastoral care to specific groups of people and types of need 

4. Analyse and evaluate the connections between Christian pastoral care and other support available to people in need 

5. Develop and reflect upon your own self-understanding as a potential pastoral practitioner 


Indicative Module Content 

This module focuses on the practice of pastoral care for specific types of people and people with specific needs, for example disability, different life stages, chronic illness and loss. It seeks to relate theoretical foundations for thinking about pastoral care to challenging situations and to refine understanding of the goal and means of pastoral care in light of reflection on these situations. It will also consider the potential of Christian pastoral care and its relationship to other aspects of person-centred care and support including health and social care. Students will also continue to develop their understanding of themselves and their approach to faithful care-giving as lifelong reflective practitioners. 



Written assignment 2000 words 50% 

Portfolio 2000 words 50%