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Pastoral Care

Each Thursday morning from November-December and February-May

In this year-long course, students take a journey into the heart of pastoral care from its biblical and theological roots to its practice in contemporary Christian ministry. Emphasis is placed on understanding pastoral care as a spiritual ministry directed towards caring for souls in a way that guides people to discover the presence, compassion and power of God in whatever circumstances they are facing.

Among the many issues addressed are the spiritual life of the carer; the role of prayer, presence and the Bible in pastoral care; and pastoral responses to a number of specific life experiences, including loss and grief, suffering, forgiveness and relationships.

The course aims to equip those who are involved or interested in becoming involved in offering pastoral care to people of all ages facing a wide spectrum of challenges. If you are a Christian with a passion to care for other people, especially those who are finding life difficult, this course is for you. It is a course that might not only increase your skills but also change your heart.

There is no compulsory assessment for this module, but a Belfast Bible College Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those who participate fully in the course. In order to obtain the Certificate, no more than two weeks can be missed in 12 weeks..