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Pastoral Care

Each Thursday morning from February-May

Pastoral care is an aspect of the church which is as dependent on good theology as it is on good practice. Through this course you will learn the skills of reflection and consideration which are required for honest, well-developed pastoral care. Through engaging with the literature, practitioners and the situations in which we find ourselves daily we will seek to care better and love more completely the children of God who are placed before us. This course will cover a broader outline of the study of pastoral care, and a focus on the specific consideration of care for and with specific people groups, such as children, youth, those with disabilities and those with mental health conditions. Our aim is that you leave this class with a well-developed sense of what it means to 'love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and strength' as well as your neighbour, and yes, even yourself, in well-developed, fruitful and life-changing ways. 

The course reading for this book is, MERRINGTON, B. (2020). PASTORAL CARE: A practical guide. FORTRESS PRESS.

There is no assessment in this Course. A Belfast Bible College Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those who participate fully in classes, missing no more than 3 of the 18 weeks.

Before you start this course there will be a short preliminary online course you need to complete. This will be launched in early September and there will be four 20-30 minute videos with some reading and worksheets. You can do this course in your own time and should take about 4 hours to complete. The cost for this short course will be £20 - you may wish to complete this short course before booking onto the Pastoral Care Course. This will give you an introduction to Pastoral Care and provide a lot of the basic information required before studying this in-person course.