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Old Testament Foundations

Aims of the Module 

To introduce the student to concepts and skills involved in the study of the Old Testament 


Intended Learning Outcomes  

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Situate Old Testament events and personalities within the context of the history of the Ancient Near East 

2. Place Old Testament literature within the cultural setting and conceptual world of the Ancient Near East 

3. Understand a basic process of interpreting a biblical passage and perform basic exegesis on a set Old Testament text 

4. Understand the nature of genre and its importance in interpreting Old Testament texts 

5. Communicate the outcomes of your study accurately and in a structured and clear manner 


Indicative Module Content  

· Historical background of the literature of the Old Testament 

· Cultural and religious background of the Old Testament 

· Genres of Old Testament literature 

· Exegesis of set passages 

· Study skills: sources and secondary literature, essay writing, introduction to critical thinking 



Written exam 1 hour 50%  

Written assignment 2000 words 50%