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  • Exploring the future shape of Church and mission in Northern Ireland

    7 March 2018  by Paul Coulter
    Post-Christian?  Exploring the future shape of Church and mission in Northern Ireland Church attendance is falling, Christian influence in society is decreasing and congregations are closing.  Western nations, by and large, can be described as post-Christian –  Christianity is no longer familiar but foreign, no longer dominant but one among a diversity of belief systems and no longer mainstream but marginal.   Ma
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  • Brexit and the Sovereignty of God

    30 June 2016  by Paul Coulter
    One week on from the momentous vote and a single word captures the mood of the nation: ‘uncertainty’.  Uncertainty about future relationships with Europe, our economic stability and the internal cohesion of the United Kingdom.  How are Christians supposed to respond?  One theologically-loaded word that resonated around the debates before the referendum is ‘sovereignty’.  The brexiteers’ slogan was
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  • Fully equipped?

    23 August 2015  by Paul Coulter
      Have you ever had a sinking feeling when you’re doing some kind of ‘Christian activity’ (children’s ministry / evangelism / leading a Bible study / praying for others / leading praise / reading the Bible etc.) that you don’t really know what you’re doing?  At the risk of turning this into a personal confession (or of inviting responses from those I’ve served with or ministered to of ‘
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