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  • Chapel Tuesday

    22 November 2017  by Jonny Beggs
    One of the ways the ways the College aims to create community, encourage worship, and introduce speakers with a variety of backgrounds in ministry and mission work is through Chapel each Tuesday. Chapel Tuesday is a series to give a glimpse into this special time each week.  Passover Celebration   Come Let us Adore Him   Mission for God's Glory   What is the Reward of Prayer? &nb
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  • Tio Developments

    23 May 2017  by Helen Warnock
    New Development The Centre for Intellectual Disability and Ministry at Belfast Bible College is moving into a new phase of development. Many of you have followed its progress and supported its development since its launch in 2015. Over the past two years, the Centre has extended our courses for adults with intellectual disabilities to three terms. Training conferences for churches on ‘Inclusion and Support’ have now been presen
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  • Easter Devotional

    14 April 2017  by Stephen McCartney
      Good Friday – Jesus led to the Cross ...the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many – Matthew 20:28 Friday, the day of the cross. After being betrayed with a kiss, Jesus was beaten and mocked and left alone in the Praetorium, wearing a crown of thorns. And yet Jesus had come for this. He had been preparing his whole life for this moment where he wou
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  • Discovery Day

    24 January 2017  by Stephen McCartney
    Come and meet us, the College will be open for a Discovery Day on Tuesday the 28th February. There'll be a chance to have a tour of the college, tell us what courses you might be interested in and hear a presentation of what we have to offer. You'll be very welcome, if you need directions please click here. 
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  • A world without Down Syndrome

    31 October 2016  by Ian Dickson
    The telling of our collective human story requires the inclusion and dynamic of subjectivity – of personal and often passionate views.  Objectivity cannot be the only respected narrative if we want society to progress humanly.  We also need to hear the benevolent bias of human beings living in constant closeness to people whom competitive societies might not value.  At times we must lean far out over the bow to restore balanc
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  • The Beginning

    29 September 2016  by Jonny Beggs
    In the Bible ‘the Beginning’ has great significance; we learn about the beginning of the world, the Word, and we learn how prophets and disciples began their ministry. So as a College we place a special emphasis on ‘the Beginning’ of studies for all students. We begin as we mean to continue, focused on God, His Word, and His Work in this world.  We invite all students, their families, friends and church leaders to
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  • Halfway House Drama

    15 September 2016  by Jonny Beggs
    In partnership with Contemporary Christianity we will be hosting "Halfway House" a play by Philip Orr. The play is set in 1966 and is a converstation between two women from different communities who take refuge from a snowstorm in a pub called the Halfway House on the Glenshane Pass. 1966 is also half way between 1916 and the present day so offers an interesting perspective on history and provokes us to
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  • Announcing our new Principal

    9 September 2016  by Jonny Beggs
    Belfast Bible College are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Principal, Helen Warnock. Helen has been the General Director of Scripture Union Northern Ireland since 2003 and worked in Christian ministry in Northern Ireland for the last 20 years. Our Board of Directors carried out a comprehensive search to find the right person to lead the College forward, to continue our strong links with the local Church, Missions and Min
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  • Sabbath-making as Soul-keeping

    22 July 2016  by Cynthia Bennett Brown
    Over the course of a busy semester at Belfast Bible College the pressure from assignments and exams, administration, teaching, homes, health, placements, and worries is felt not only in our souls and minds but also our bodies.  Now and again we have phases in life when we just plain get tired, and we need a break from pressing labours.  But sometimes, if we’re honest, we reach this place less because of this or that particular o
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  • Re-reading well known biblical stories

    22 July 2016  by William Ford
    There are some stories in the bible that we know very well, having heard them from Sunday school onwards. This familiarity can sometimes be a problem, as we can lose the ability to be challenged or inspired by them.[1] How do we read such stories well?[2] As an example, let us think about a very well-known story: David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. One key question to ask in reading the story is why David acted the way that he did. He is introdu
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