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  • Launch of Centre for Intellectual Disability Theology and Ministry

    27 October 2015  by Dr J N Ian Dickson
      The Centre for Intellectual Disability Theology and Ministry - the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland - is an exciting new vision of Belfast Bible College.  It is an initiative aimed at enhancing connections, teaching, research and advocacy to enrich churches, local communities and wider society through the appropriate inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.  We provide a unique opportunity to share Christian
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  • Greetings from the Principal

    27 October 2015  by Patrick Mitchel
    Greetings from the Principal Patrick Mitchel By the end of October I will have been in post as Principal for three months. Of course I knew a lot about BBC before starting in August, but it is only from the ‘inside’ that you begin to appreciate all that goes on here. Let me share some initial impressions around three ‘C’s: First CONTENT: At the ‘Beginning’ service at the start of the year, I talked about Ac
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  • Training the Christian Mind

    28 August 2015  by Cynthia Bennett Brown
    In his provocative little book entitled The Christian Mind, Harry Blamires wrote, half a century ago, "The Christian mind sees human life and human history held in the hands of God. It sees the whole universe sustained by his power and his love. It sees the natural order as dependent upon the supernatural order, time as contained within eternity. It sees this life as an inconclusive experience, preparing us for another; this world as a tempo
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  • Fully equipped?

    23 August 2015  by Paul Coulter
      Have you ever had a sinking feeling when you’re doing some kind of ‘Christian activity’ (children’s ministry / evangelism / leading a Bible study / praying for others / leading praise / reading the Bible etc.) that you don’t really know what you’re doing?  At the risk of turning this into a personal confession (or of inviting responses from those I’ve served with or ministered to of ‘
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  • The Church and Learning Disability Conference

    10 March 2015  by Jonny Beggs
    We are pleased to be working with the Methodist Church in Ireland to run this conference in Dungannon. The event is aimed at all those in church life who may be in contact with families or individuals with a learning disability, in particular church leaders, youth and children's volunteers and anyone with an interest in creating a welcome.  Speakers are Ian Dickson and Jill Harshaw from the Centre for Intellectual Disability
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  • Belfast meets Belgium - Charlie teaching abroad

    In January Charlie Hadjiev taught a MTh course on the Old Testament and the Ancient Near East at the Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium. The seminary is linked to the Assemblies of God Church and draws students from Europe, Africa, Latin America and the US. It was a great privilege to explore with such a diverse group of students the original historical background of the Old Testament, and seek to understand how a better unders
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  • The Foreigner

     by Dr William Ford
    Kill the Foreigner? Love the Foreigner? What should our attitude be towards 'the foreigner’? Living in Belfast as an Englishman with a German wife and two Northern Irish children, I often feel that I occupy a strange position between ‘local’ and ‘foreigner’. This is not to complain in any way about the hospitality that I have received here, quite the opposite! However, the question of how we respond to the for
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