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  • Serving God in a Foreign Land

    21 July 2021  by Dr Charlie Hadjiev
    Daniel's Faithful Improvisation in the Court of the Babylonian King  In his famous list of the OT heroes of faith, the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews makes the following claim:   ‘All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a distance they saw and greeted them. They confessed that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth, for people who speak in this way make it clear
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  • The Mission of the Church in a Post-conflict Context: A Reflection on Reformed and Anabaptist Approaches among Christians in Northern Ireland

    15 July 2021  by Andrew Irvine
    My Masters dissertation focused on the core purpose of the Church, as it applies to our post-conflict and still intractably divided community in Northern Ireland.  Twenty-Two years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the Northern Ireland public and their political representatives appear to have settled for ‘an end of violence’ and protracted division of the two main communities, each with its own separate culture.&nbs
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  • Seeds. Season 2

    10 June 2021
    Seeds. has returned for a second season, focusing on personal encounters with Jesus. Seeds. is a weekly series of stories about the interesting and diverse people who study, work for & visit the College. These stories of encounters with Jesus are created with the hope of sharing the work of God through personal testimonies of real people.    Tommy    Karla  Underneath it all, whether we are
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  • Theological Thoughts

    4 June 2021
      Our Theological Thoughts series is posted on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) on a regular basis. This is where we ask readers to pause for a couple of minutes to consider a thought written by one of our lecturers that will make them think a little bit deeper about their faith.                   10 Commandments of Theological Study by Dr. William F
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  • The Groaning of Creation (Romans 8:18) and Contemporary Christian Attitudes to Climate Change

    20 May 2021  by Richard Wright
    ‘Climate change’ is a modern problem which is not addressed specifically in the Bible. However, the doctrine of creation was central to the biblical authors’ understanding of the world and consequently Scripture is peppered with relevant references that can guide modern Christian attitudes to the environment. Some Christians hold that the Earth is only a temporary home which will ultimately be destroyed but such a stance can mak
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  • Charlie's new publications

    18 January 2021  by Dr Charlie Hadjiev
    We're delighted to share that our Old Testament and Hebrew Lecturer Dr. Tchavdar Hadjiev (Charlie) has had two significant academic books recently published.  These are wonderful resources to Church Leaders and Academics alike. It is a wonderful testament of Charlie's deep study and brilliant teaching that these books are widely available and we pray the Church would be blessed through them. They are both available through our lib
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  • Bias and Biblical Faithfulness: Becoming Self-Aware Readers of Scripture

    17 January 2021  by Christina Baillie
    Many of us spend a lot of time reading the Bible. It is a core tenet of living out our faith. The triune God has revealed Himself to us through His Word and, therefore, it demands our attention. Not only that, but it demands our best efforts to faithfully understand what it means. Because the text is revelatory and divinely inspired it has an authority (Goldingay, 1995, 3). More than that, a genuine engagement with it should transform us and prov
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  • Changing Context: An Interview with Karen Webb

    17 January 2021  by Karen Webb
    ANGLICAN CHURCHES IN THE GREATER SHANKILL ROAD AREA AND THEIR CHANGING CONTEXT Peter McDowell: Karen, you’re very welcome to this conversation. Could you tell a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you are doing and then perhaps why did you apply to do this MA course? Karen Webb: I am a Church Army evangelist. Church Army are a group of evangelists across the UK and Ireland and I am the lead evangelist in the North Belfas
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  • Spiritual Abuse: Making Churches a Safer Place

    17 January 2021  by Lynne Gibson
    ‘Abuse in any form is a serious problem…not least for the church’ (Ozanne, 2017, 1). This is the unfortunate reality. Abusive environments, both past and present exist. For the church, accepting that abuse can and does exist within these environments is a sobering, yet inevitable, reality. In recent years, the Church has worked hard implementing safeguarding policies and practises and this deserves to be celebrated. I would sug
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  • Self-Awareness and Spiritual Development of Adolescents: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a Possible Tool for Youth Ministry

    17 January 2021  by Ava Jordan-Curasi
    YOUTH MINISTRY AND SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT  Young people are masterfully and uniquely designed by the Creator who calls them beloved. Those within Christian youth ministry have the privilege to highlight these unique designs and to guide and encourage each young person on their journey. The potential is great for young people to grow spiritually when they understand the intricacies of how God created them. Amy Jacober (2014, 107) writes: [Y
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