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  • Graduate Internships

    26 March 2021  by
    We are excited to offer a range of internships at Belfast Bible College to give graduates an opportunity to gain skills and experience to help with their vocational development. Particularly the in the context of Christian Ministry and Higher Education.  Communications, Film Making & Graphic Design Residential Assistant for Student Accommodation About the Programme Apply     What type of internship could you appl
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  • Charlie's new publications

    18 January 2021  by Dr Charlie Hadjiev
    We're delighted to share that our Old Testament and Hebrew Lecturer Dr. Tchavdar Hadjiev (Charlie) has had two significant academic books recently published.  These are wonderful resources to Church Leaders and Academics alike. It is a wonderful testament of Charlie's deep study and brilliant teaching that these books are widely available and we pray the Church would be blessed through them. They are both available through our lib
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  • Insight Magazine

    12 January 2021
    Launched in January 2020 'Insight' is a digital magazine by Belfast Bible College filled with news, articles, updates on alumni and much more about the life and community of the College. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please click here.     Issue 4 - October 2020 Our biggest issue of the magazine yet.     Issue 3 - July 2020 We hope that the articles we have written this
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  • God Sent His Son - Devotional

    18 December 2020  by Dr Karen Fulton
    The reflections focus on five texts where the phrase, ‘God sent his Son,’ is used as a way of summarising the event of the first Christmas. This year we are suggesting that this devotional would be good to use after Christmas and before the New Year, to dwell and reflect on the significance of the incarnation.
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  • COVID 19

    18 November 2020
    COVID UPDATE 18 NOVEMBER 2020 In response to guidance from the NI Executive and UK Government all teaching and events by Belfast Bible College will be delivered online for the remainder of the semester. The campus remains closed to visitors during this time. If as a student you are experiencing difficulty accessing your online classes, college email or Moodle please contact IT on Should you have
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  • Hosting a Wisdom Lab.

    6 August 2020
    How the wisdom labs will work? The material will be released during the week of the 17th August. When you sign up to be part of this, you will receive this resource via email. There will be four themes to engage with on four different days, each will consist of a video to watch (15-20 mins) and resource material consisting of questions to reflect on individually, discussion questions and suggested reading. The four themes are: Lament
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  • God, Pharaoh and Moses

    7 July 2020  by Dr William Ford
    A God who sends plagues and hardens hearts?1 Arguably the greatest act of salvation in the Old Testament is the exodus from Egypt, recounted in the first fifteen chapters of the book of Exodus. However, the means by which God brings about this deliverance seem deeply problematic. Not only does he inflict violence upon a whole nation (ten increasingly destructive plagues), but he also hardens the heart of Pharaoh, seemingly preventing him from
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  • Easter Devotional

    8 April 2020  by Karen Fulton
      Thursday: Gethsemane    Read: Mark 14:32-42 Abba, Father, for you all things are possible … On Thursday evening Jesus goes with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, just outside Jerusalem, and prays. Earlier that evening he had celebrated the Passover with his disciples using elements of the traditional meal to point ahead to his own impending and violent death. He had also predicted his betrayal by
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  • God Commanding Violence?

    6 January 2020  by Dr William Ford
    At Christmas, we remember the birth of one described as the ‘prince of peace’. We read in the gospels how he taught us to turn the other cheek and love our enemies, before demonstrating this in an amazing display of love by dying on the cross. Elsewhere in the Bible, however, we come across passages that portray God in a rather different way: either commanding or carrying out acts of violence. How do we read and understand these passa
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    19 November 2019  by MAP
    Jesus calls us to make disciples. All of us, without exception, can follow Jesus’ command right where we live, in the context of our immediate surroundings. This could be in school, in the workplace, with our friends, or even in the privacy of our own home! Every church member can ask, “Where I am, and with what I’ve been given, how can I honour Christ in seeking to make disciples right here, right now? Local mission is neces
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