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Music in the local Church

  • Course Description

    Music is a huge part of the life of the Church, but for all the time we spend preparing, practicing and singing how often do we stop and learn and try to deeply understand our sung worship? This course attempts to speak into all the issues of relationships between musicians and leaders, good communication and good theology in our worship. There will be plenty of practical help as we seek to bring harmony and a sweet sound to music in the local church.

  • Lecturer

    Jonathan Rea

    Jonathan Rea is Creative Director of New Irish Arts and is passionate about encouraging people to worship God. A former teacher, he now leads the New Irish Choir and Orchestra in about 30 events per year ranging from small services in local churches to a Christmas extravaganza at the Waterfront. He has been playing music in church for over 30 years, but is still learning.

  • Full Course Description

    The whole point of singing in church – the Biblical basis and the benefits for everyone involved.

    What is worship leading? – an examination of how this role is understood in different contexts

    Choosing what your church sings – how to be creative, discriminating and ambitious in the quality of the congregation’s singing diet

    How to run a rehearsal well – how to avoid chaos and friction in the hour before a service

    How to make a group of musicians sound like a band – thoughts on improving the sound made by the average church music group

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