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Mental health: Healing & Helping

  • Course Description

    Mental health is a vital aspect of human flourishing. In this course, we will be looking at principles that promote personal mental wellbeing, from a Christian perspective. We will also be exploring how the local church can respond practically and effectively to people who are experiencing mental health issues.

    Week 1 - Principles of mental wellbeing
    #1 – Glad surrender
    #2 – Getting help

    Week 2 - Principles of mental wellbeing
    #3 – Healthy lifestyle
    #4 – Basic psychology
    #5 – Functional focus

    Week 3 - Principles of mental wellbeing 
    #6 – Building relationships
    #7 – Spiritual aspects Conclusion

    Week 4 - Responding well as a local church
    #1 – Awareness of the issue
    #2 – Wanting to get involved

    Week 5 - Responding well as a local church  
    #3 – Organising the care
    #4 – Equipping the church
    #5 – Doing what you can

    Week 6 - Responding well as a local church
    #6 – Caring for carers
    #7 – Unity with Purpose

  • Lecturer

    Dr Ken Yeow

    Dr Ken Yeow is an NHS consultant psychiatrist currently working in the field of intellectual disability. He has a particular interest in the interface between the Christian faith and mental health issues, and a desire to see the local church becoming more effective in helping those who struggle with mental health difficulties. He has written a book entitled Personal Freedom: How The Gospel Can Be Good For Your Mental Health.

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