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Living as faithful exiles

  • Course Description

    Recent decades have seen Christianity increasingly pushed towards the margins in a rapidly secularising society, leading to a growing sense that 21st century believers find themselves living as exiles in a world in which they don’t fully belong. While we find ourselves twenty centuries and a couple of thousand miles removed from the times and places of the first readers of Peter’s letter, we, as much as they, need to be reminded of Peter’s encouragement to stand firm in the grace of God.

  • Full Course Description

    Christian hope
    – the new birth is an entry to hope

    The people of God
    – the remarkable dignity of God’s people

    Living well as citizens, servants, and spouses

    Responding to suffering
    – following in the steps of Jesus

    Holiness and love
    – two key characteristics of God’s people

    Standing firm in God’s grace
    – Peter's reason for writing

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