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Professional Leadership Award - Validated by the Institute of Leadership Management

  • Course Description

    This course is for leaders, pastors and ministers who would like to gain professional training in leadership and management. The ILM level 7 Award can be used towards Certificate and Diploma qualifications (and a Diploma can gain direct entry into the second year of a part-time Masters in Leadership and Management ). Many church leaders find themselves in roles of leadership (line-managing staff, for example, or relating to eldership boards), without any formal training or insight. The Leadership and Management Award is a fabulous way to begin this journey.

    The qualification has been designed to support existing and aspiring Church leaders reflect on the changing context of the church and to enhance their personal effectiveness and impact. The programme combines engagement in peer learning with the application of personal research on current thinking on leadership and management relevant to the church leaders.The modules on this unique programme have been designed to assist Church Leaders in Ireland to focus on specific leadership and management needs and to develop networks to facilitate social learning. The outcomes from the course will be enhanced personal growth and effectiveness; plus increased capacity to lead within the organisation and externally with those it exists to serve.

    The course will be delivered over six evening sessions from commencing 30 January and finishing on 30 March with final assessments due 25 June 2024. 

    The six modules cover the following topics:

    1. Induction and Orientation to studying with ILM
    2. The context for leadership in the Church
    3. Self-Leadership and Leading others
    4. Self-care and becoming a resilient leader
    5. Communicating effectively as a leader
    6. Personal Development Planning and Ongoing Personal Development 

  • Lecturer

    Course lead: Dorothy McKee & Olga Mullarkey

    Dorothy McKee previously taught and led the MA in Executive Leadership at Ulster University. She has many years of teaching experience and has worked extensively in employment sectors while running her own leadership consultancy firm. 

    Olga Mullarkey recently completed her Masters in Leadership. She is currently working for Crown Jesus Ministries.

  • Full Course Description

    The approach to the programme is practical and will support participants to develop the knowledge and skills to embed leadership and management development in real work through implementing “real work projects”.

    Theory: All the models and concepts are relevant to the challenges faced by Church Leaders.  Participants will be signposted to short summaries of the ideas we will be using. This is not primarily a theory-based programme. The ilm level 7 Award allows participants to identify and work on areas of leadership specific to their own work context and of relevance.

    Practice: The focus of the programme is on putting the learning into practice. We will use some of the theoretical constructs relevant to Church Leaders explore the real practical issues that they are expected to address.

    Implementation: At the end of each of the sessions we will have a half hour session when we will be looking at what Church Leaders might do differently on their patch because of their learning. 

    Broader approach

    The overall approach to the delivery of the programme is based on the ILM model of enquiry-based learning. The model enables participants to focus on identifying and working on areas of leadership and management development specific to their work context that are of particular interest and relevance. 

    Assessment for Level 7 Award Developing Strategic Leadership Capability

    The Assessment has been specifically designed to underpin the approach to learning based on the theory, practice and implementation model. The Assessment for the programme will involve demonstrating how the learning has been contextualised and applied in terms of the leadership challenges Church Leaders face. Assessment will be based on the participants analyzing their own specific context through using relevant models and tools and applying them to gather information that will enable them, to tackle the challenges more effectively they face.  The final part of the assessment will include summarising the actions taken and the impact.

    Assessment One: This part of the assessment will be assessed through preparing and presenting a 20-minute presentation. The verbal presentation and the slides or other visual aids used will be assessed. The presentation maps to learning outcomes 1.1,, and 2.1.

    Assessment Two: Completion of a learning journal at the end of each session detailing reflection on learning from the content of the session, from peers and from putting the learning from the course into practice. A proforma will be provided to each participant and they will receive guidance on the how to complete the learning journal. The journal will demonstrate how the participants have assessed their own capabilities and used the learning to become more effective in their role. The personal development plan maps to the learning outcomes 2.2.and 2.3.

    Assessment Three: The length of the blog should be between 200 – 400words. Writing the blog will give you the practical opportunity to develop the skills of digital “thought leadership”. The blog part of the assessment maps to learning outcomes 3.1,3.2 and 3.3.

    As part of the ILM requirements feedback will be provided on a face-to-face basis at the end of each session on the assessment pieces.  Advice, support and feedback will also be provided through email and or telephone. 









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