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Joyful Noise

  • Course Description

    PART 1: In weeks 1-3 we will look at broad theological issues about worship, the history of church music and the wider Arts. This aims to give us a context for current practice in church music ministry and how this fits within the wider framework of artistic appreciation.

    PART 2: Weeks 4-9 include practical, down-to-earth advice for those who lead worship or plan services. We will consider roles and responsibilities of musicians and church leaders, the shaping of our services, the choosing and curating of a church’s songs and hymns, the making of good musical arrangements, all under the overarching aspiration of motivating congregations to sing well for God’s glory.

    PART 3: Weeks 10-12 will be interactive and practical - participants will have the opportunity to bring instruments, make music together, plan services together and share feedback and good practice.

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