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Jesus through the Centuries

Aims of the Module 

The purpose of this module is to explore the variety of ways that Jesus has been understood and portrayed from the earliest Jewish-Christian communities to contemporary culture. It will prioritise, but not be limited to, traditional sources of Christian theology. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to: 

1. Demonstrate exegetical awareness in assessing biblical testimony to Jesus Christ 

2. Evidence understanding of the historical origins and significance of a doctrinal issue inherent to Christology 

3. Engage scholarly sources within and beyond evangelical Christian theology 

4. Articulate an informed view of who Jesus Christ is and why he is central to Christian discipleship 

5. Apply knowledge of Christology to a contemporary pastoral or social issue 


Indicative Module Content 

· comparative readings of Synoptic, Johannine and Pauline Christologies 

· historical development of key Christological doctrines during the Patristic period 

· Christological ‘issues’ such as such as Christ’s human nature, sinlessness, perichoresis and kenosis 

· relevance of the person and work of Christ for Christian discipleship 

· non-traditional interpretations of Christology, including feminist, black, and multi-religious perspectives 

· how Jesus has been portrayed though the centuries through non-textual culture 



Written assignment 2500 words 60% 

Set exercise 1500 words 40%