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Jeremiah; the message and the man

  • Course Description

    Jeremiah is one of the great Old Testament prophets. This 6 week course will explore deeply both the message of Jeremiah in its context, as well as the man himself. Jeremiah has so much to teach us through his character and perseverance to deliver Gods message to a people who did not want to hear it.

  • Lecturer

    William Ford

    William is originally from England. He studied theology and Old Testament in Durham and Oxford. Prior to joining BBC in 2009 he taught at All Nations Christian College in England. At BBC, William has responsibility as Programme Leader for the UoC undergraduate programme.

  • Full Course Description

    Introducing the message and the man – Jeremiah’s background and call (Jer. 1)

    The how and why of Old Testament prophecy  - the prophet as communicator and the aim of that communication (Jer. 2 & 18)

    The uncomfortable nature of OT prophecy – challenging ‘sacred cows’ and the consequences (Jer. 7 & 26)

    The cost of being an OT prophet – Jeremiah’s ‘laments’ (Jer. 20)

    True and false prophecy in the OT – what is the difference? (Jer. 28-29)

    Looking forward – glimpses of the messiah in Jeremiah (Jer. 23 & 31)

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