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Introduction to New Testament Greek

Scheduled - Second Year 


Module Description

To introduce the morphology and vocabulary of Hellenistic Greek in order to enable the student to have a grasp of the language of the New Testament, to translate sentences and to be able to use Greek bible study aids and commentaries on the Greek text.


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion, you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the main features of the morphology of Hellenistic Greek

  2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the core vocabulary of Hellenistic Greek

  3. Use Greek bible study aids such as lexicons, grammars, Greek text commentaries and computer software, such as Bibleworks, to study biblical texts

  4. Translate selected passages from the Greek New Testament with the help of various aids and demonstrate an awareness of issues of interpretation related to an understanding of Hellenistic Greek

  5. Translate simple unseen sentences from Hellenistic Greek



A portfolio of 5000 words