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Graduate Internships at Belfast Bible College.

9 month internships working with students who are studying Theology, opportunities to serve alongside experienced staff team, gaining valuable skills and opportunities to develop gifts and abilities. Opportunities to lead, to learn, to serve, to help create a culture and atmosphere focused on learning about God and carrying His love to the world.

Student Worker Internship:

Do you have a heart to work with students, helping them to understand their faith and apply it to the real world?

Do you want to see students growing in their understanding of God through worship, prayer, Bible study and outreach?

Are you interested in learning about pastoral care and helping people through difficult situations?

We are looking for graduates who are interested in investing in the spiritual development of students who are studying at the College; helping the staff team to provide a rich experience outside of the classroom so that students have space to develop their relationship with God through worship and prayer. Our interns help to provide opportunities for students to develop a servant heart through our campus service programme and also help to create opportunities in Belfast for students to learn how to share the love of God verbally and practically.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn valuable practical, organisational and management skills. You will learn how to plan and communicate events and discover how to create culture of service, prayer and worship within a Christian community. This is a great opportunity to learn from experienced leaders and teachers and help to shape and influence the lives of future ministry leaders.


Communications Internship:

Are you a story teller? Can you take a picture, or make a video that reveals hidden depths? Are you a writer who lives to capture the narratives around you? Are you a designer that wants to express what God is doing in the world?

We are looking for people who have skills in any area of communications and want the opportunity to gain experience in communicating to a wide Christian audience from a professional communications office. Using social media, email, printed material, website and video platforms this is a great way to gain a range of experience.

If you’re a film maker you could be involved in production of videos; both taking part in larger projects and the opportunity to direct, shoot and edit your own short films. Telling stories about how God is using our current and former students. Also helping to produce short videos that help explain theology in creative ways.

If you’re a designer then we would love to give you opportunities to learn how to design and create graphics and publication which share the life of the College, promote courses, communicate theology in clear and interesting ways.

If you’re a writer or photographer then spend time observing and creating both the day to day life of the College but also stories about what God is doing across the Church in Northern Ireland.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work as part of a creative team, to use your creative skills to serve God, learn how to use them in a professional context and to support and encourage the wider church through quality content. 


About the Internships

  • The internships start on the 4th September 2017 and run until the end of May 2018.
  • Internships are for a minimum of 3 days a week, up to a maximum of 5 days a week. It is usually weekdays from 9am - 5pm. There are occasional evening events which interns would be expected to help organise.
  • There will be free self-catered accommodation provided in the student hostel for interns in order for to help engage with the students who are living on site.
  • About two thirds of the internship will be based on the skills and abilities of the intern and giving them experience in area which are of interest to them. The other 1/3 will be assisting with general administrative roles.
  • Interns will get the opportunity to study in several classes both on our daytime degree course and also on evening class. These will be tailored to the skills and background of the intern.
  • Interns will meet with members of staff every couple of weeks who will mentor them through out the internships, helping them to develop spiritually and as a Christian leader.
  • For interns from outside the UK the College would be able to help get a Tier 5 visa in order for them to volunteer at the College.


Deadline for Applications 30th July 2017. 

To apply for the intership programme please fill in this application form.