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Information for New Students 2020

We are really looking forward to the new academic year and welcoming new students to the Belfast Bible College community. There is much preparation that happens before every new year. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, preparations are indeed a little different. We hope the information on this page will answer your initial queries and as we plan further we will share more information.

Admissions Information

For students wanting to start in 2020 we are open as usual for applications for all our courses this includes - BA(Hons) Theology, Graduate Diploma in Theology, the HE Cert Theology, MA Theology : Bible & Ministry in the Contemporary World, as well as WSF, Pastoral Care and Individual Modules. To apply please go use the application form on the course page for the course you want to apply for. The deadline for applications are 30th August for all courses, except for the MA with is the 19th July 2020. 

We realise that for some who are applying their exams have been cancelled this year and so we are able to provide the following advice. 

I am a UK undergraduate applicant and my exams have been cancelled. What happens next?
The government has developed a process for all students who are no longer able to sit their final qualifications, to allow them to receive a grade in the summer of 2020 without sitting exams. These grades will be recognised by all universities as equally valid to those we have received in previous years. When you let us know your results, assuming you meet the terms of your offer, you will be confirmed as a student at Belfast Bible College in line with our usual processes and practices.
What if the grade I am awarded is not a fair reflection of my performance?
From the guidance we have received so far, students will have an opportunity to appeal against the grade awarded, and will be given the chance to take their final exams in the next academic year when it is expected that schools and colleges will be open and running as usual.  We will, of course, support you and review your whole application when making our decisions when you send us your results.  Do contact us if you are worried - email 


Advice and information for Students joining us in 2020 

We hope the information below will answer your initial queries and as we plan further we will share more information. For applicants we will send you any updates as we publish them over July and August. 


MA Theology : Bible & Ministry in the Contemporary World. 

This course offers a blended approach to learning with some face-to-face learning and some on-line. This approach will continue. The exact format of any given module will be determined in line with Government guidance at the timeensuring that learning takes place in an appropriately safe environment. On-line learning will include real-time interactive discussions with lecturers and fellow students.

BA Theology Programme - Degree, HE Cert, Grad Dip.

The College is committed to providing high-quality theological education and recognises the importance of individual relationships and a supportive learning community in enabling  students to flourish. The teaching in the College next academic year will endeavour to facilitate effective learning whether on-line or in person. There will be a blend of face-to-face and on-line learning and teaching in-line with Government advice at the time. Please note on-line teaching would include interactive engagement, with both the students and the lecturer present in an on-line teaching room at a specific time. Student will have the opportunity to interact with the lecturer and other students in their lectures.


The College values the opportunities that placements provide for students to develop skills and practices that will facilitate life-long learning and growth. Just as Christian ministry and personal growth continue in the new context brought about by COVID 19, so the College will seek to enable students to engage in placements that are safe, beneficial and in-line with Government guidance, whether they are in person or on-line.



The College is located in its own private site, encompassing offices, classrooms, chapel, library, residential accommodation and the Mustard Seed our café. We plan to open the campus as much as we can, following COVID-19 guidelines, for the start of your new year.


We have a great range of books on site and seek to open access in line with Government guidance. The College library will also give you access to a rich catalogue of online journals and e-books to supplement your education. Additional e-resources for each module are uploaded on our Virtual Learning Environment to facilitate your studies.


College accommodation will be open for new students in September 2020. All government guidance and advice is being followed to ensure the wellbeing of all residents. If you would like to find out more about our residential accommodation please get in touch. Staying on site will give you access to a rich community experience. 


As a small college we deeply value the opportunity we have to foster strong relationships across our student body and between staff and students. As we plan for next year we will focus on creating intentional space for support and spiritual development at BBC. As part of this community you will also have access to Pastoral Care - we will count it a privilege to walk with you during at time at BBC.


This will take place during the week of the 14th September and give you the nuts and bolts to survive thfirst few weeks as you embark on your theological education. More details will be distributed nearer the time. 


This update was published on 8th June 2020. We hope to publish the next update in early July 2020.