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Independent Study

Aims of the Module 

To allow individual students to explore a particular subject not available as a taught module with the help of tutorial advice from a designated staff member. 


Intended Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion, you will be able to:  

1. Provide a systematic, detailed, and coherent understanding of an area of research approved by a supervising tutor 

2. Deploy accurately established techniques of independent research, including use of scholarly reviews and primary sources 

3. Devise and sustain a critical argument 

4. Show an awareness of the uncertainty, ambiguity, and limits of knowledge relating to the subject of research 

5. Communicate solutions, arguments, and ideas clearly 


Indicative Module Content 

The module content will depend on the subject matter chosen in consultation with the appointed advisor and agreed by the director of the programme. It will contain guided reading and the writing of a substantive essay to develop the student’s knowledge and his or her ability to critically deal with the material. 



Dissertation 5000 words 100%