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Hosting a Wisdom Lab.


How the wisdom labs will work?

The material will be released during the week of the 17th August. When you sign up to be part of this, you will receive this resource via email. There will be four themes to engage with on four different days, each will consist of a video to watch (15-20 mins) and resource material consisting of questions to reflect on individually, discussion questions and suggested reading.

The four themes are:

  1. Lament
  2. Wisdom
  3. Unprecedented 
  4. Money

What does hosting involve ?

We believe there is a richness when we talk through ideas together and though the labs are set up for easy access for individuals, we would love to encourage people to respond together. So, would you arrange to host some conversations in response to the material – you can talk over the kitchen table with family or via zoom with friends.

Your role as host would be to arrange the time, venue and facilitate a discussion in response to the wisdom lab content. We can provide you with a Resource pack that contains discussion questions for you to use.

You can arrange a conversation after each one or maybe pick one theme that particularly interests your group and start there, aiming to meet at least once during the week beginning 17th August.

If you would like to host – email us at and we can send you some material the week before, so you have it all in advance.