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HE Cert Theology

The HE Certificate in Theology is designed to prepare men and women for Christian life and ministry. Theology is ever relevant in our changing world. Not only does it influence the shaping of societies and cultures, but studying also gives you a greater knowledge of your own identity and deepens your faith. This course is for suitable for a wide variety of people; whether looking to enter into Christian Ministry & Mission or for your personal formation and discipleship.

This one year certificate programme combines academic study with practical learning, and is underpinned by discipleship and spiritual formation throughout the course. This course starts by revealing a deeper understanding of the Bible and then using this knowledge to apply Biblical truths to many relevant issues facing Christianity and the church today.

Students not only undertake placements in Christian ministries but also reflect upon the experience and upon what they learnt from working alongside knowledgeable ministry leaders. This course is designed for those who want to get a foundation for theological study.


Student Learning Outcomes

To provide you with an understanding of the Biblical and theological foundations of Christian life and ministry.

To enable you to apply this understanding in the context of your own spiritual formation and in facilitating the spiritual formation of others.

To have an ability to engage with the various local and global cultures in which you will live and serve.

To equip you with key skills for ministry and ongoing personal development.


Your lecturers/teachers have both an academic and a practical interest in the areas that they teach. Most of the modules are taught by full time staff who also study and write in their area of speciality.

Some modules are taught by external lecturers who are selected for their expertise in the particular subject.

There is an Advisor of Studies who is available to discuss any issues that you have with the course.

You will also get a Fellowship Group leader who will meet with you a number of times in the year to discuss how things are going.


The course has been praised for the wide variety of assessment options, the assignments for each module will be chosen to help you to interact more deeply with key elements of the subject, including written essays, journals, class quizzes and presentations.

Each assignment will be introduced in detail by the class teacher, and you will receive detailed feedback on each to help you improve your skills in this area.

University Of Cumbria

This course is delivered in partnership with the University of Cumbria. The teaching is designed and delivered by the Bible College lecturers while the course is validated by the University of Cumbria to ensure it is of an appropriate standard.

You will graduate with a HE Certificate in Theology from the University of Cumbria.

University of Cumbria

Christian Development

The core module Personal Development and Discipleship ensures that the student’s development is key to the course.

Beyond this each module will challenge the student’s spiritual understanding in different ways. Moreover the wider BBC experience, being part of a multicultural, interdenominational evangelical community, leads to further growing in relationship both with others and with God.

As with all development it isn’t always easy, but it does lead to a deeper relationship.

Career Options

Graduates from this course enter into a broad range of careers; full time Christian ministry in the UK or overseas, leading or working in churches, Youth Work.

The skills learnt are also highly desirable by many workplace employers.

Further Study; upon completion of this programme, students can go on to complete the second year, the HE Diploma in Theology, followed by the third year, the BA (Hons) in Theology.  

Learning & Teaching

As a student on the HE Certificate in Theology, you will receive on average 7.5 hours of timetabled contact per week over the course of your year. This will involve a combination of teaching methods, including lectures, seminars, and skills classes. The contact time for a module will normally all take place over one morning or afternoon each week to give students flexibility in their use of time.

However learning is about more than contact time. Typically, classroom teaching and learning will form nearly 20% of the time you will spend on your studies. In the other 80% you will be expected to be doing your own independent work to build upon what you have learned in class, prepare for the next class and complete your assignments.

We will provide you with detailed reading lists, and other materials to guide you.

Another important part is the opportunity to apply your learning in your chosen placement of approximately 3 hours per week.

You will receive about 9 hours of timetabled contact each week. The aim of the first year modules is to provide a foundation of knowledge and skills in the study of theology, with the three emphases of Bible, Personal Development and Mission & Ministry. The exact style of learning will vary from module to module, depending upon how we can best help you to learn in this particular area. There will be interactive lectures introducing the main issues in the area. There will be also be small group work and discussions which will help you to articulate your own views and interact with the views of others in this interdenominational and multicultural environment.