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Growing in our trust in God

  • Course Description

    Can we trust God in all circumstances? When our plans are ruined, when we can’t get a job, when a family member gets sick, or a relationship fails, the questions often come flooding in. Can God be trusted? Is God good? Is He the cause of my current suffering? Am I being punished?
    We will explore the life-changing truths about God’s character that we find in His Word; His loving control, His unending goodness towards us and His unconditional faithfulness to His promises.   And also spending time looking at how we can help others in their journey towards a deep-seated assurance that God can be trusted.


  • Full Course Description

    God’s Incredible Promise 
    A study of Romans 8 including a detailed look at v28 (‘And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.’) and its implications for God’s control in our lives. 

    God is Good and God is Love
    We will look at stories from the Old Testament that reveal a God who is fully good and fully loving and how this should impact our understanding of these aspects of God’s character.

    The Struggle to Trust
    We will look at some practical tools to help us learn to trust in these truths about God’s character whether we are in the midst of difficult circumstances or just trying to lean on these truths in the everyday events of life.

    Helping Others to Trust in Him 
    When helping others, we can often offer compassion but not truth, or we offer truth without compassion. We will look at examples of how Jesus offered both to those he encountered and how we can, by His Spirit, learn to do the same.

    Trusting God with the Unexplained
    We don’t always see why God has allowed a set of circumstances into our lives and we may not see the good in full that is promised to us in His Word. This class will look at how we can continue to trust God when we don’t have all the answers and how having an eternal perspective can be a source of hope and strength

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