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Fees and Scholarships

Paying your fees

Before you come to Belfast Bible College, it’s important that you think and pray carefully about how you will fund your time of study with us. We will ask for some information on this at each stage of the application process and will also do all that we can to support you each step of the way. To the right are some practical tips which you may want to consider as you plan.

Annual fees for tuition, food and accommodation are payable in a few different ways. You can pay by cash, cheque or online via electronic bank transfer using the following details:

Ulster Bank
Sort Code: 98-05-90
Account number: 21890032

Using your Name as a reference. If you have any problems, please feel free to get in touch.


Student fees

Registration fees for all courses must be paid at the beginning of the academic year before you start your course.

Options for complete payment of fees include;

  • Payment upfront (by the end of September 2020)
  • Payment by two equal instalments by standing order (at the end of January 2021 and the end of April 2021 to coincide when you may receive instalments of your maintenance grant)
  • By a standing order with your bank (8 equal instalments from October 2020 to May 2021)

All outstanding balance must be paid prior to the end of term (May 2021) 

If you have any questions regarding student fees please contact our Finance Officer, Michael Totten through the office


For the exact amount of fees to be paid for each course please see the course information pages. 


Part-time employment

Many students choose to work on a part-time basis alongside their studies to help fund their course at BBC. Suitable jobs may be available locally, or in the nearby cities of Lisburn and Belfast. We usually advise students to work a minimum number of hours per week during term time, to ensure that their job doesn't adversely affect the amount of time available for study. Please note, students coming to BBC from outside the EU may not be allowed to work while studying within the UK, due to visa restrictions. For up to date information and legislation details, you should contact UKVI.


Church Support

For many BBC students, their time here is a stepping stone to further future involvement in mission or ministry, at home or overseas. For that reason, a student's home church may choose to support them financially while they study. If this is not something you have considered, you may want to chat to your Minister, Pastor or Church Leader about the level of prayerful and financial support which your church could provide.


Friends & Family

Many BBC students also receive support from family and friends to help them financially during their time at college. You may want to put together a prayer letter and update which you could send to individuals allowing them to prayerfully consider supporting you in this way. If you are thinking of future ministry involvement after you graduate, this is a great way of beginning to build up a good support base.



Some trusts and organisations may offer student bursaries towards fees, living expenses, or the cost of your overseas placement. Some of these bursaries may be specifically for Postgraduate students who would not be able to access the usual loans or grants.


Scholarships for Overseas students

Due to changes in United Kingdom Visa & Immigration regulations, we are no longer permitted to offer scholarships to any potential student.