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Exodus: The Presence of God in Difficult Situations

  • Course Description

    The book of Exodus contains the greatest Old Testament act of salvation in the story of the Exodus. Yet it is full of difficult situations. It starts with God’s people under threat of destruction with no obvious presence of God. When God appears to his chosen agent, Moses, it is not good news for him personally as he has to go to Pharaoh. After this God rescues his people in a long encounter with Pharaoh that involves multiple plagues and hardening of the heart. The newly rescued people of God wander in the wilderness before making a covenant with God, which they then break almost immediately, leaving their relationship with God on the brink of destruction. Yet at the end of the book we see how, through all of these difficult situations, God’s presence with Israel has become clearer and clearer, cumulating in the presence of God in the tabernacle.

    Where is God in difficult situations? In this course, we will take a journey through the book of Exodus which starts with God’s people seemingly abandoned in a horrendous situation. As the book continues we see the presence of God in a number of difficult situations: the calling of Moses, the plagues and hardening of Pharaoh’s heart, the Red Sea, the wilderness wanderings, the covenant at Sinai (including the brink of destruction after the Golden Calf. Each situation gives a further insight into the question of God and difficult situations.

  • Lecturer

    Dr William Ford

    William is originally from England. He studied theology and Old Testament in Durham and Oxford. In between his theological studies he worked as a chartered accountant in London for four years. Prior to joining BBC in 2009 he taught at All Nations Christian College in England. At BBC, William has responsibility as Programme Leader for the UoC undergraduate programme. 

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