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Evangelism: 10 Week Module

  • Course Description

    This concise 10 week module is ideal for participants seeking a deeper theological approach to understanding evangelism and why every church ought to keep mission at the core of congregational life and witness.

    Throughout the module with up-front teaching, group discussion and Q&A, this course explores: Evangelism, The Evangelist, The Gospel, The Doctrine of Salvation, Christ and Culture, Methods of Evangelism, The Church as the Evangelist, Apologetics: Core Questions, Revival & Renewal and Commissioning.

    Note: The 9 month certificate in evangelism (also available in conjunction with Crown Jesus Ministries) directs students to applied learning through practical experience with their local church.

    To book your place on the Evangelism 10 Week Module, just click on the blue button. Email us at with any questions about this course.


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